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A Fool-Proof Formula to Secure your Superstar Employees

September 23, 2013

                                                            by Aoife Gorey

We coach our clients, partners, and colleagues around the world on the importance of hiring right the first time.  Hiring the right person for the right job is inevitably the best way to reduce employee turnover.  Using employee assessments, talent management systems, and conducting background checks and interviews all come into play.  But, once you have secured your ideal candidate, how do you keep them?

Many factors affect employee satisfaction.  We can’t all offer unique and unusual employee perks like Google and Facebook, but we can still take a forward approach to keeping our people happy and attracting superstar candidates.

1. Evaluate your leadership
Measure employee turnover by manager; this can pinpoint a real problem.  Poor managers may cancel out all the positive effects that having an outstanding team may create.  If you identify problems with managers, help them.  Use leadership development tools to discover their individual leadership style and the dynamic of their team as a whole.  Effective management is the key to employee retention.

2. Recognize great performance
We are all motivated differently, but everyone loves to receive a compliment and credit for a job well done.  Give your managers the responsibility of creating awards for excellent performance.  Examples of employee recognition include: thank you notes, employee of the month awards, newsletter recognition, etc.  Here at Profiles, we award our employee of the month a cash bonus, extra casual clothes days, and their name on a banner facing the main street of our home office!  Thousands of people that pass by every day see their name on our mini- billboard!  Make sure you also recognize employees on a weekly basis, those that are working extremely hard but not necessarily employee-of-the-month level.  On an employee level, I always try to praise my coworkers and inform my boss when they do a great job on a project.  To me, the opinions of my colleagues are just as important!

3. Create an atmosphere of continuous self-improvement
For many people, each job acts as a stepping stone and learning experience to get to the next level of their career and achieve their personal goals.  Job candidates and employees want the opportunity to develop and to continually polish their skills, abilities, and experience.  Invest heavily in training and employee development, and encourage employees to take advantage of the programs offered.  Prove to your employees that there is no reason to leave when they can receive training from within the organization.  Here at Profiles, when I attended a new employee onboarding session, we were introduced to all the company executives.  Our president, Al Rainaldi told me, “Always be looking for ways to improve yourself so that you can be more effective on the job.  If there is a training program that you think would benefit you and your colleagues, bring it to the attention of your direct manager.”

4. Match people to jobs
Don’t hire just to fill a position, hire someone that is suited to be successful in the job you need filled!  Ensure people are matched to their jobs in terms of their abilities, interests, and personalities.  When people are placed in positions where job demand and abilities match, where job stimulation and interest match, and where cultural demands and personalities match, turnover decreases and productivity increases.

Organizations can use employee assessments to determine the requirement of each position.  Attracting and retaining the highest quality people takes time, money, and effort.  Applying the steps above can help you secure your own team of superstar employees.